Chris Christie Slams Medical Marijuana, Calls It a Front For Legalization

Following reports of low enrollment in the Garden State’s medical marijuana program, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie dismissed the program as “a front for legalization.”

The state passed medical marijuana legislation in 2009 before Christie was governor. Then Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democat, signed the bill allowing for limited medical marijuana therapies just before leaving office. However, the first medical marijuana dispensary did not open in New Jersey until late 2012, well into Christie’s administration. It was assumed that tens of thousands of patients would purchase medical marijuana from the state’s dispensaries, but the New Jersey Star-Ledger is reporting that only 2,342 patients have used the program to date.

Last week, it was reported that the CEO of one of the dispensaries, Compassionate Care Foundation (one of three in the state), resigned because the company was struggling and he had been working without pay.

Christie pointed to this news, saying that advocates have been unable to produce evidence that demonstrates a large enough demand for medical marijuana

“There’s a huge demand for is marijuana. Not medical marijuana,” Christie said on his monthly radio broadcast earlier this week. “Because when we run a medically based program, you don’t see the demand.”

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