Minnesota Medical Marijuana Legalization Deal to Allow 8 Distribution Sites

Minnesota lawmakers struck a deal Thursday to legalize medical marijuana that would set up eight distribution sites and allow qualified patients to use the drug in oil, pill and vapor form.

The agreement was crafted to suit concerns of Gov. Mark Dayton, who supports it.

“I look forward to signing this bill into law,” Dayton said in a news release.

Final votes are scheduled Friday in both the Minnesota House and Senate.

The compromise bridges differences between a restrictive House bill and a relatively expansive Senate bill. Under the agreement, two manufacturers would be able to grow the drugs and run a total of eight distribution centers.

Marijuana in leaf or plant form would not be allowed, and smoking the drug would be banned.

Medical conditions for which marijuana would be permitted to treat symptoms include cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, Tourette’s Syndrome, seizures and Crohn’s Disease among others.

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