Marijuana May Heal Health Problems That Come With Old Age

Sue Taylor, a retired Catholic school principal and grandmother from Oakland, California, was living in Atlanta, Georgia writing a parenting handbook when she got a phone call from her son that would disrupt her life.

“He told me, ‘Mom, I know how you can open up your metaphysical holistic center,’ which had been my goal,” Taylor said. Taylor had earned a degree in divinity in Atlanta and is now a metaphysical minister. “He said, ‘It will be supported by a cannabis dispensary.’”

“Cannabis dispensary?” Taylor asked him. “You talkin’ about that marijuana stuff?”

Yes, he was.

“My true thoughts were, ‘We put this child through Catholic school all his life… we paid for him to go to college… and he calls me and tells me he’s gonna sell weed?” Taylor said.

In a panic over what she thought was her son’s descent into drugs, Taylor scrambled to pack her belongings, rented out her house, and flew back to Oakland.

“I’m not gonna lose him to drugs,” she told herself.

When Taylor tells this story now, she laughs. Today she works as the senior outreach coordinator for Oakland’s enormous medical cannabis dispensary Harborside Health Center. Her job is to educate seniors who, like her, often think of marijuana as anything but a legitimate medicine. She sits on the Commission on Aging in Alameda County and visits retirement homes and senior groups. She also hosts luncheons and seminars to educate people about various cannabis medicine options.

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  1. halphdunn on

    It’s amazing what you can learn when you decide you’ve heard all the govt. lies you care for.