Thousands Turn Out For Pot Party In Downtown Vancouver

Part carnival, part raucous marketplace, part political statement — 4/20 Vancouver has evolved into a celebration that epitomizes the marijuana movement.

The annual event at the Vancouver Art Gallery attracted a crush of thousands of people Sunday who came to smoke pot, party, stand up for the legalization of recreational pot use in Canada and sample the goods from the dozens of booths that crowded the squares and cordoned off streets around the art gallery.

Everything was for sale: T-shirts, posters and towels emblazoned with the ubiquitous cannabis leaf or reggae king and pot lord Bob Marley, as well as all manner of bongs and pipes.

Marijuana itself was also for sale in endless forms: in cookies, brownies, popcorn, lollipops, banana bread, oil.

You could buy seeds or bags or already-rolled joints: three joints for $10. This was hawked loudly by sellers pushing through the crowds.

Everywhere was the acrid scent of pot and a smoky haze hung above the crowd in the main square.

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