Colorado Airports Ban Marijuana, But Try to Help Passengers Stay Out of Legal Trouble

The Telluride Regional Airport wants its passengers to know that the only thing that should get them high there are the airplanes.

The Colorado aviation facility is warning passengers that they are at risk of prosecution if they try bring along their buds on flights. Even if traveling between two cities within the state, airplanes enter federal airspace and passengers are subject to federal laws.

The new warning signs will be placed in various locations at the airport as it tries to walk a fine line between Colorado laws and federal laws.

“We’re respecting Colorado state law; you can legally possess marijuana, but once you leave the airport by air, you’re subject to federal law,” Airport Authority Chairman Jon Dwight told the Telluride Daily Planet. “Once flights are in air, you’re in federal airspace.”

The airport authority will place signs at the airport that will read: While the possession/use of marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is illegal in federal airspace under the Controlled Substance Act. If you are departing this airport by air, you will be entering federal airspace.

“A lot of people don’t equate that if you take off from Telluride and just fly to Denver [that they are breaking the law],” Dwight told the Daily Planet. “Some think ‘I’m still OK.’ Well, they’re not, because it is still illegal in federal airspace.”

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