Medical Marijuana User Relieved He Can Still Grow At Home

A medical marijuana user near Florenceville says he’s relieved a ban on being able to grow his own pot at home has been temporarily halted by a federal court decision.

Terry Perkins, 63, says he suffers from chronic pain from a back injury and rheumatoid arthritis.

Marijuana has helped him cope, but he says he wouldn’t be able to afford his medicine under new rules slated to take effect on April 1, which required him to get supplied by a licensed grower.

“Under this program that they brought forward, my cost is $20,500 a year,” said Perkins, who lives on his Canada Pension of $332 a month, plus his wife’s paycheque.

“And I have to buy something from one of these cropper grow-ops that I’m not sure what they’re using to grow it with or what the strain is.”

For the past six years, Perkins has grown his own marijuana in his garden, with Health Canada’s approval.

But the new rules would end the home production of medical marijuana.

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