Delivering Marijuana By Drone?

Soon, drugs could be falling from the sky in San Francisco. A startup named QuiQui has unveiled a plan to start delivering prescription medication via drone in the Mission District.

“The pharmacy has traditionally been an awful experience,” QuiQui claims on its website. “Nobody likes going when they’re sick because they don’t feel well, and nobody likes going when they’re well because there are a lot of sick people there …. Now, it’s possible to forgo all of the pain of dealing with pharmacies and have your medication arrive via drone.”

Medical marijuana users in the Mission would therefore be able to get their drugs without ever leaving the property, according to speculation by the International Business Times. However, QuiQui founder Joshua Ziering denied that the company would include weed in its pharmaceutical roster.

“We are not delivering medical marijuana,” Ziering told the National Journal. “I think [the International Business Times]just made it up.”

Despite Ziering’s protests, if delivering more traditional pharmaceuticals via drone proves commercially viable, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts shipping pot through the air, straight from the dispensary to the door. As a lightweight, high-demand product, marijuana is a natural fit for aerial delivery.

– Read the entire article at AlterNet.



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