The Environmental Case for Legalizing Pot

Marijuana growing in Northern California’s so-called Emerald Triangle has fallen far from its hippie origins, an investigative piece from Mother Jones reveals, into what the magazine calls a “landscape-scarring, energy-sucking, wildlife-killing reality” of environmental destruction. The state’s vast illegal harvest, potentially the largest single source of domestically grown marijuana, may be more that it’s able to handle.

As Anthony Silvaggio, a sociologist with the state university’s Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, says: “it’s just a tiny fraction of folks who are growing organic.”

Anyone who partakes of the drug has reason to be concerned: “The cannabis industry right now is in sort of the same position that the meatpacking industry was in before ‘The Jungle’ was written by Upton Sinclair,” Stephen DeAngelo, the founder of a large medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, told Mother jones. “It simply isn’t regulated, and the upshot is that nobody really knows what’s in their cannabis.”

Instead, Mother Jones depicts an atmosphere in which environmental whistleblowers are being targeted for calling attention to the problem:

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