Canadian Conservative Attack Ads Fail Fact Check

Conservatives need to reassess their most recent “attack” against Justin Trudeau. Their latest radio advertisement bashes Trudeau for his support on the legalization of marijuana. The advertisement places fear in mothers by making the ill-informed claim that the legalization of marijuana will have a negative impact on youth. However, Conservatives have failed to address the prominence of marijuana that exists in Canadian youth culture under their current legislation, nor have they given any consideration to Trudeau’s true motives. Contrary to common belief, the legalization of marijuana may help solve the problems with our youth, not create one.

In the Conservative radio advertisement a mother explains why the legalization of marijuana worries her. She makes three main claims and each is very debatable. Firstly, she states that legalization will make marijuana easier for kids to get, which will result in more of them using it. However, the advertisement fails to address the easy access that youth currently have to the drug. A recent study by UNICEF found that teenagers in Canada use more marijuana than teenagers in any other developed country. Clearly, Canada’s current laws are not keeping kids away from marijuana. A change needs to be made. Legalization would result in the drug being regulated by the government and therefore kept away from children. Interestingly enough, the UNICEF study found that countries with more liberal laws on the drug were ranked lower in the amount of use by teens.

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