Cannabis Culture & Pot TV in Barcelona for Spannabis 2014

CANNABIS CULTURE – We are readying the Cannabis Culture and Pot TV troops for another European invasion – this time of Spannabis in Barcelona, one of the world’s largest marijuana and hemp expos.

After a successful adventure at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, Jeremiah Vandermeer and Al the Alchemist, along with Team Sublimator and a few other Pot TV favorites, will be heading back to Europe next week for a sample of Spain’s cáñamo culture.

Watch for coverage of Spannabis 2014 in Barcelona on Cannabis Culture & Pot TV starting this weekend (March 14 – 16).

Watch the Cannabis Culture Instagram feed for photo and video updates from on the ground at the fair:

Spannabis has grown over the years from a small cannabis judging competition into “The Largest Fair in the World”, or at least that’s what it says on the event poster:

Pictures and video from previous Spannabis events show the many colorful vendors, exhibitors, and presenters that make Spannabis one of the premier cannabis events on the planet.

Spannabis lights up Barcelona from March 14 – 16. Find out more about Spannabis Barcelona and Spannabis Málaga at

Trip sponsored by Sublimator – Beyond Vaporization



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