Limited Edition Glass by Redbeard and Friends for the MMAR Coalition Against Repeal

CANNABIS CULTURE – The glassblower with a beard as fiery as his torch is at it again. This time Redbeard is raising awareness and funds for the MMAR Coalition Against Repeal with custom glass bongs, pipes and more.

“It’s a limited series,” Redbeard told Cannabis Culture, which will include “small pipes, big pipes, bongs, coffee cups, and ashtrays – and I’ve got a few other artists on board – all to help raise money for the coalition.”

Check out the first limited edition bongs designed by artist Dave Marlin of the Urban Smoke Shop in Courtenay that sold out in less than two days!

Get a Coalition Hand Pipe for only $30 (while they last)!

The MMAR DPL/PPL Coalition Against Repeal is a group dedicated to addressing the “serious problems” in Health Canada’s newly proposed medical marijuana regulations, which includes the banning of all patient home gardens by April 1, 2014.

The Coalition is currently fighting a legal battle against the new regulations and has enlisted the services of veteran marijuana lawyer John Conroy.

Conroy will appear on today’s episode of Cannabis Culture News LIVE to discuss the case and the future of medical marijuana in Canada – tune in LIVE today at 4PM PT on Pot TV.


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  1. CanadianGiant on

    Thank you very much for sending me a Limited Edition Glass for making a donation to the MMAR DPL/PPL Coalition Against Repeal, which I,m proud to be part of.We will reach our goal.