‘Wax’ Is Now the Target of Govt. Drug Panic Propaganda

A concentrated form of marijuana known as wax or butane hash oil (BHO) is becoming more popular and its production and use increasingly controversial in states across the country.

While Colorado’s pot shops are embracing wax as a popular, potent form of newly legal cannabis, the Drug Enforcement Administration is whipping up a drug panic in California. In a Yahoo News article, Gary Hill, assistant special agent in charge at the DEA’s San Diego office warned, “We have seen people have an onset of psychosis and even brain damage from that exposure to that high concentration of THC. Our concern is that this is going to spread before we get it under control.”

Agent Hill offered no studies or data to back up these claims.

But the DEA, once again, is too late. BHO has been around for at least a decade and now it is more available than ever—and the wax is here to stay.

In order to be consumed, wax is vaporized, which makes it a popular alternative for cancer patients, the elderlyand others who don’t want to smoke.

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