Justin Trudeau Marijuana Rollies a Hit at Liberal Convention

CANNABIS CULTURE – What started as an attempted smear of Justin Trudeau by the Conservative Party has turned into a huge hit for the Liberals.

Last week the Toronto Star outed a secret Conservative plan to disrupt the Liberal Biennial Convention in Montreal by, among other “gimmicky ideas,” distributing phoney packages of Zig-Zag rolling papers with Trudeau’s face on them.

Leave it to Toronto Hash Mob activist Chris Goodwin to steal the idea and use it to make a profit – to donate to the Liberal Party, of course. (Buy a pack or t-shirt here.)

Goodwin, the manager of Toronto’s Vapor Central and a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture & Pot TV, told the Toronto Star he sold more than 100 packs 36 hours after they went on sale at $3.95 each.

Trudeau’s support for the full legalization of marijuana seems to be catching on with Canadians, who favour the Liberals over the Conservatives by 10 percent in the latest opinion polls. Sixty percent of respondents agreed that Trudeau’s “policies and ideas are innovative and forward thinking.”

Marijuana activist and Sensible BC founder Dana Larsen attended the first day of the Liberal Convention and posted a funny Tweet:

He was joking of course, but the Convention is undoubtedly a friendly place for folks from the marijuana community – including a group called Legalize Canada who will host a hospitality suite on Saturday.

Much of Canada’s cannabis culture has shown support for the Liberal plan to legalize marijuana. Even Prince of Pot Marc Emery, who once called-out Trudeau for his hypocrisy on pot, plans to tour the country when he’s release from prison later this year in support of the Liberal Party.

So pick up a pack of slow-burning, kutcorner Ziggies for your puffing pleasure and help Trudeau smoke the Conservatives in the next election.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.