BC Premier Christy Clark Has Her Head in the Wrong Clouds

CANNABIS CULTURE – Over 200 people rallied at the B.C. Legislature on February 11 to greet our respectable elected MLAs and Premier Christy Clark.

They came from as far as Kelowna and as close as Victoria, but they all were from a place where the desire to change marijuana laws is strong – British Columbia. 

The Sensible BC campaign to decriminalize marijuana met with little opposition, and those opposed were often misinformed or mean.

Many members of the campaign arrived that day to send a message to Christy Clark and her administration.

Christy emerged from the legislature to a spatter of applause and proceeded to just stand there, grinning like a drunken sailor.  

At that moment the crowd’s barely-audible greeting quickly morphed into a growing chant of “legalize it.” Christy continued to stand there staring, stunned. 

The many voices of the crowd then combined into what can only be described as a peaceful growl. People began calling out the various points our campaign strives to make:

“Decriminalization will help B.C.!”

“Cannabis oil helps treat cancer!”

“Stop ignoring the problem!”

And then:

“Don’t just stand there, SAY SOMETHING, DO SOMETHING!”

“You suck, Milf!” 

It was clear that the people who support our movement run the gamut from the young and less-than-mature, to the older crowd still trying to change things since the 60s – and everyone in between. There were people in attendance who smoke every day, as well as non-smokers who were just there supporting a relative that smokes. Everyone felt strongly enough about the issue to travel to Victoria to voice their concerns.

A good politician will listen to her constituents and respond honestly in due time.

A great politician will take the time in the moment to listen to and respond to a constituent’s concerns. 

A politician that doesn’t care does exactly what Christy Clark did. 

She patronized us. 

There was no reason to remain out there, waving and grinning like a moron. It simply made her look like she cared not one iota for the two-hundred people standing in front of her. 

I understand it’s part of the tradition of opening The Legislature, Christy, but once the crowd of people greeting you have made it clear they have a problem, you should show them you’re listening and not just smile and wave.

That’s pretty much a big Fuck You.

It shows we mean nothing to you.

It shows that it’s far more important for you to smile for the cameras during your photo-op than to actually communicate with the public. It shows that you have no respect for the 200,000 people who not only support Sensible BC but were willing to put their name on paper to do so.

Would you just prefer that we all go away? To jail, perhaps?  

It might sound like I have a hate-on for Christy Clark, and I most certainly do. But this hate-on didn’t exactly just spring up on its own out of nowhere. 

Christy Clark was Education Minister when I was in school, when the Liberal Party decided to cut all of the subjects I enjoyed and replaced them with added tax-breaks for the Lib’s corporate buddies.

Metal shop, auto shop, marketing, and many others classes were cut.

We kept other programs afloat by making and utilizing our own funds within school clubs.

The cuts also meant making reductions in other areas like learning-assistance, special-education support, library services, and more. With Christy as Education Minister, class sizes started to grow and more cuts were made. Many sacrifices were made by children in school to deal with budget cutbacks.

Education is, of course, one of the many things that could be bolstered with the funds collected from cannabis legalization.

I don’t think Christy Clark is an inherently bad person, just that she has lost touch or become too comfortable in her optionally-cushy job. Clark showed promise when she was first given her job by outgoing Premier and convicted drunk driver, Gordon Campbell. She showed compassion and caring with the issue of Government Assistance. She understood that not everyone stuck in the welfare system was abusing it and helped those who were not. 

Just like many people on assistance do not want to be on it, most cannabis users do not want to be feel that we are criminals. 

We are not going anywhere, Christy.

So unless your handling of the Government Assistance issue was a vote grab (it was pre-election), then I plead with you as a member of Sensible BC and lifetime British Columbian to please listen to your constituents. 

A lot of us are really hurting. 

The pain and abuse endured by my friends and loved ones because of cannabis prohibition brings tears to my eyes.  

There are many reasons to support Sensible BC, and Christy Clark’s support would certainly give the campaign a boost. Please take the time to call or mail Christy and let her know how you feel about marijuana decriminalization – and ask her to tell you where she stands.

Have fun! Be polite and be persistent! Be Sensible!

Christy in Victoria: (250) 387-1715

Christy in Kelowna: (250) 768-8426

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
The Honourable Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia
Box 9041
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E1

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