Hawaii Lawmakers Kill Bill to Legalize Marijuana But Still Consider Decriminalization

A bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Hawaii died in committee Thursday. But state lawmakers advanced a measure that could decriminalize possession of up to an ounce of the drug.

“Washington and Colorado have taken the big leap, and everybody is looking at these two states to see how they will be dealing with all of the issues that come up,” said Sen. Will Espero, who represents Ewa and chairs the Senate Public Safety Committee. “At this time, the legalization bill is dead.”

That pronouncement followed written and spoken testimony from dozens of interest groups and private citizens on both sides.

Police and prosecutors argued against both proposed measures. They said legal marijuana would entice kids, result in more addiction and put Hawaii at odds with federal drug laws.

Supporters of the measures argued that prohibition leads to widespread incarceration, squanders public resources and fuels a black market.

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