As States Weigh Legalizing Marijuana, the Feds Legalize Hemp

It might be a long time before the federal government legalizes recreational marijuana. But once President Obama signs the new five-year farm bill that won passage in the Senate on Tuesday, its less controversial cousin, hemp, will have the all-clear.

A short clause buried deep in the 959-page bill authorizes colleges and universities to grow industrial hemp for research purposes, so long as their state permits the growth and cultivation of the plant.

Right now, that’s nine states: California, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, North Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia, Vermont, and Maine. Another 11 states have bills pending before their legislatures this year.

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  1. Anonymous on

    this is stupid,,just legalize it fully

  2. Mrs.Ratsrectum on

    seed varieties suited for the soil and climate of a state or region, leading to enough starter seed for the farmers