Project CBD Responds To SAM’s CBDisinformation

The misnamed Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) recently produced a “fact sheet” entitled, Everything You Need to Know About CBD, that seeks to justify the continued prohibition of cannabis by misinforming the public about cannabidiol and THC.

Cannabidiol (CBD), a “nonpsychoactive” component of marijuana, is a hot ticket right now among medical scientists and heath professionals. A growing number of physicians are recommending CBD-rich cannabis oil extracts for patients in states where medical marijuana is legal. CBD has been shown to shrink malignant tumors, improve insulin sensitivity, quell anxiety, and ease chronic pain – without making people feel high. Extensive preclinical (and some clinical) research validates the experience of many patients, including children with catastrophic seizure disorders, who successfully medicate with CBD-rich products.

Kevin Sabet, cofounder and director of SAM, stated in a letter to the Boston Globe: “Medical marijuana is a big fat headache that serves no one but people who want to get high.” But the clamor for non-psychoactive CBD-rich cannabis proves Sabet is wrong. Medical marijuana is not – and never was – just a front for stoners.

– Read the entire article at AlterNet.



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