Canadian Medical Marijuana Users May Face Pot Shortage

Medical marijuana users in B.C. are worried there soon could be a shortage of legal weed.

In just 62 days, all medical marijuana must be purchased from a federally approved supplier, but so far only five producers are licensed to grow and sell cannabis — the nearest one to B.C. is in Saskatchwan.

Medical marijuana supplier Jean Chiasson of MediJean says his lab is currently only licensed to research which strains of cannabis treat pain, seizures and a host of other ailments.

“We’re looking for not the holy grail, but many holy grails,” said Chiasson.

“Through research and development, we can find out what it does, we can find out the potential of this great herb, this great plant … and service a lot of patients.”

The problem is they still don’t have a permit and Chiasson points out, it takes time to grow the plant that needs to be bottled and shipped to patients.

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