Two-Faced Peter MacKay Wants it Both Ways on Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canadian Minister of Justice Peter MacKay says medical marijuana is a-okay:

Federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay is defending the use of medical marijuana.

His remarks follow news a British Columbia-based company promoting the medicinal drug plans to expand into Nova Scotia.

“Having it regulated, having it made legally available to Nova Scotians — I’m completely fine with that as long as it’s in compliance with Health Canada and they have met the approvals,” the Central Nova MP told CBC.

“I don’t think there’s any denying that medical marijuana is a great source of comfort and treatment for Canadians.”

That’s in stark contrast to Canadian Minister of Justice Peter MacKay, who recently criticized a medical marijuana user for legally consuming his medicine at work:

An RCMP officer smoking marijuana while in uniform “sets a very poor example for Canadians,” Justice Minister Peter MacKay said Thursday.

His comments come after CBC reported on a New Brunswick Mountie who has a medical exemption to smoke pot to help control his post-traumatic stress disorder. Reassigned to desk duty, he is allowed to smoke on the job, but was told not to do it in his red serge or regular Mountie uniform.

“My observation is the same as for politicians, police: They fall in a similar category in the sense that it sets a very poor example to flout the law,” MacKay said in an interview Thursday. “It sets a very poor example for Canadians.”

MacKay recently told the press that loosening Canada’s marijuana laws would be a very bad idea, and that fining smokers for pot possession is not worth considering:

Justice Minister Peter MacKay said in an email to The Canadian Press that the federal government has no intention of legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana.

“These drugs are illegal because of the harmful effects they have on users — and on society for that matter. As a government, we have a responsibility to protect the interests of families across this country.”

MacKay also says his government may loosen Canada’s marijuana laws, and that fining smokers for pot possession is an idea worth considering:

Justice Minister Peter MacKay, who has been one of the most vocal critics of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s support for marijuana legalization, is now hinting Conservatives may be open to softening Canada’s pot laws.

In an interview with QMI Agency Tuesday, MacKay suggested that fining smokers for possessing small amounts of marijuana is an idea worth considering.

“That doesn’t mean decriminalizing or legalizing, but it does mean giving police options, for example, to issue fines in addition to any other sanctions, or as a substitute for other sanctions,” he said. “These are things that we are willing to look at in the new year, but there’s been no decision taken.”

Confused yet?

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Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

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