French Scientists Discover Way to Block Cannabis High

Just days after Colorado became the first US state to allow recreational marijuana use, French researchers have reportedly discovered a way to reduce the negative effects of the marijuana “buzz”.

On Thursday, French scientists said their work had found that a naturally occurring hormone acts as spontaneous defense in the brain against the “high” caused by marijuana.

Studying lab rats, the researchers found that the steroid hormone pregnenolone reduced the activity of a particular brain molecule called the type-1 cannabinoid receptor (CB1).

The hormone, which was not previously believed to have any biological effect of its own, actually cancels out the mild euphoria induced by THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, according to lead author Pier Vincenzo Piazza of the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM).

“These researchers weren’t trying to be buzzkills,” said the journal Science, in which the study appears. “Their discovery could lead to new approaches to treating marijuana intoxication and addiction — and it may allow researchers to isolate the medicinal properties of cannabis while blocking its behavioral and somatic effects.”

– Read the entire article at France24.



  1. Anonymous on

    Which due to contrary belief is a physical addiction

  2. KCH on

    there is NO physical addiction with pot. it’s all in your mind.

  3. Anonymous on

    Did anyone notice the reference to “treating marijuana addiction”? What addiction? That’s a buzzkill all by itself.

  4. DinoJAH on

    true,true they just want to use marihuana for money,so they can sell it in pils or something and the bullshit with addiction is just hillarious,anything can be addictive if you abuse it….

  5. Fernando on

    They just want to have a new way to sell “drugs”

  6. Anonymous on

    The French have been buzzkills since the 16th Century.