Cutest Grandma Ever Goes To Colorado Marijuana Shop Just To Witness History

History was made in Colorado on Wednesday when recreational marijuana was legally purchased by throngs of eager pot enthusiasts for the first time in U.S. history.

But one adorable 83-year-old grandma from Chicago, who wishes to only be identified as “Nana Perry,” visited a Colorado retail marijuana dispensary not to buy weed, but just to witness the history unfold.

“You’re lucky to be living in this state that you’re in,” Nana Perry says in the video that dispensary locator posted to their Instagram page. “I’ve seen a lot of life, I’m 83 years old, been through a Depression and I don’t know how many wars, but I’m considering this one of my more important days.”

Barry Bard, the editor for who shot the video, told The Huffington Post that Nana Perry dropped by Denver-based pot shop The Clinic Colorado with her family, including her two grandchildren, who live in Denver.

“She does not smoke weed, but clearly supports its legalization and its peaceful nature,” Bard said. “She and her family also expressed how happy they were that Colorado has not had any issues or seen any violence through a day and a half of legalization.”

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