Colorado Pot Shops Rake in More Than $1M Statewide

Pot shop owners say they have collectively made more than a million dollars statewide since 1 st January, 9 News reported.

Thousands braved freezing temperatures and hour-long lines to be among the first Americans to buy legal recreational marijuana across some 24 stores in Colorado this week, most of them in Denver.

“It’s a huge deal for me,” Andre Barr, a 34-year-old deliveryman who drove from Michigan to be part of the legal weed experiment told 9 News. “This wait is nothing.”

By all accounts, the roll-out of the nation’s first legal recreational pot shops was a success with very few hiccups.

“Everything’s gone pretty smoothly,” said Barbara Brohl, of Colorado’s Department of Revenue.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Alcohol is 750 billion in economic activity with a lot of taxation… 30% of people participate.

    10% of people participate in Mj, so, eventually, there should be about 250 billion in Mj activity.

    That should present a lot of taxation well beyond the sales taxes, just as with alcohol.

  2. The GCW on

    Like alcohol prohibition was known as the “Grand Experiment,”

    Cannabis prohibition itself was / is the experiment and the sequel was / is worse than the original prohibition.

    Ending one of North America’s worst policy failures in history is not the experiment.

  3. Tony Aroma on

    Does anybody know, do cities that ban sales still get a share of the taxes the state collect? I would hope not.

  4. MarcoSuave on

    guy in the picture looks sooo happy. beautiful 🙂

  5. Mrs.Ratsrectum on

    that taxes were collected. Kaching! Asswipe politicians in other jurisdictions ought to be drooling over what they could do with that kind of cash flow.