Florida Medical Marijuana Supporters Face Tight Deadline

The Supreme Court isn’t the only challenge facing a petition drive to put a proposed medical marijuana constitutional amendment on Florida’s 2014 ballot.

Organizers have until Feb. 1 to gather 683,189 voter signatures. As of Tuesday, 162,866 signatures had been certified.

Still, John Morgan of the Morgan & Morgan personal injury law firm thinks there’s a good chance a final push will get the effort he’s organizing over the top.

“It better, or I’m paying a lot of money for nothing. I’ll be wanting a recount,” said Morgan, who expects he’ll personally spend $2 million on the petition drive before it’s over. As of the end of last month, $1.3 million has been spent on the effort – about $1 million out of Morgan’s pocket.

Organizers gathered nearly 100,000 petitions last week, bringing the total to nearly 700,000. Now it’s a matter of building a cushion to account for invalid signatures. About a quarter of the signatures on the petition won’t be valid because people signing aren’t registered to vote in Florida, Morgan estimates.

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