Mountie User of Medical Marijuana Subdued With Stun Gun, Charged With Assaulting Officer

New Brunswick’s Public Safety Department says a Mountie who publicly complained about not being able to smoke medicinal marijuana while on the job was subdued with a stun gun and charged with assaulting another RCMP officer.

Alycia Morehouse, a spokeswoman for the department, said Cpl. Ron Francis is undergoing a psychiatric assessment at the Restigouche Hospital Centre in northern New Brunswick after he was arrested last week.

An RCMP spokeswoman says the Mounties were concerned about Francis’s well-being when they found him Friday on a street in downtown Fredericton.

Morehouse says the RCMP called Fredericton police for help because the city is not within RCMP jurisdiction.

She says Francis was hit with a stun gun at one point, but she couldn’t offer further details, saying the matter is before the courts.

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