Are Roadside Cannabis Breathalyzer Tests Around the Corner?

Tens of millions of drivers face the prospect of a breathalyzer test for weed in the coming years in the U.S. as the trend toward medical marijuana legalization and outright adult-use legalization collides with another trend: the decades-old push to make the roads safer.

The much-feared breathalyzer for weed isn’t going to rely on breathing, however, it’s going to use spit. And when combined with unjust, new “zero tolerance” laws, futuristic roadside THC tests promise to pick up where the old fashioned drug war left off.

Road Carnage

Roughly 33,561 people died in traffic collisions in America in 2012, and doctors admitted about 2.3 million adults into emergency rooms for traffic-related accidents in 2009, the CDC reports. Traffic collisions are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, and this is after a decades-long campaign to bring the number of injuries and deaths down.

That campaign has been successful. Traffic fatalities are at historic lows, arguably through the use of tough seatbelt laws and drunk driving laws combined with checkpoints and saturation patrols around holidays.

Driving Under the Influence investigations begin with such checkpoints, or a roadside stop for an infraction of some kind. If an officer suspects DUI, he or she will administer a motor skills test, and in the case of alcohol, an alcohol detection screening commonly dubbed a ‘breathalyzer’.

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