Dr. Oz Brings Reefer Madness Back to Daytime Television

This week, Dr. Oz had a segment on his show about cannabis, asking the question, is it addictive?

However, in an effort to get to the answer, the doctor created a circus of images and animations, and very little actual talk about science and outcomes. But, what else can we expect from daytime TV? Dr. Oz showed his allegiance to propaganda by continuing to ask questions that we have answers to: Is long term cannabis use harmful? Is cannabis addictive? Is cannabis a gateway drug? Is long-term cannabis use harmful?

To illustrate this point, Dr. Oz presented animated pictures of the lungs and brain as proof of long term harms, however, a 2012 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association examined a sample of over 5000 adults over 20 years and assessed the impact of smoking cannabis on lung functioning.

The authors concluded, “Occasional and low cumulative cannabis use was not associated with adverse effects on pulmonary function.” Furthermore, Dr. Oz failed to mention the many alternatives to smoking cannabis, alternatives that will become more widely available under regulation rather than prohibition.

– Read the entire article at Drug Policy Alliance.



  1. Anonymous on

    As long as it suits the opinion of the moron public that watches TV

  2. Anonymous on

    No, he doesn’t even have a license to practice medicine. HE’S A DAMN SURGEON!

  3. Anonymous on

    We are America people… Innovation Nation. I’m sure there are safer alternatives to smoking it!! They really get graphic with the negative aspects!! Brainwashing!

  4. Anonymous on

    you mean pig farma lol

  5. Dan Maloney on

    Oz has an MD and is owned by big pHrama.

  6. Anonymous on

    does Dr Oz even have his PhD in medicine?

  7. Anonymous on

    Dr. Oz is a douche that I used to respect until I learned his views on Medical Marijuana. Totally deliberately ignorant. Who’s paying him to dumb it down?