Chris Christie Says No to Bill Expanding Medical Marijuana Program

The latest bill to expand the medical marijuana program is only days old, but Gov. Chris Christie said he already knows he won’t sign it.

The bill would allow registered medical marijuana patients in New Jersey to buy the drug in another state where it’s legal and bring it home. Six of the 19 states and Washington D.C. that have medical marijuana programs have such reciprocity agreements by which they recognize patients outside of their own state.

Christie told reporters today he is “not open to it,” and believes it’s just a back door way to legalize marijuana for everyone.

“See this is what happens. Every time you sign one expansion, then the advocates will come back and ask for another one,” the governor said during a press conference from his statehouse office this afternoon. “Here’s what the advocates want: They want legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. It will not happen on my watch, ever. I am done expanding the medical marijuana program under any circumstances. So we’re done.”

“There’s no outpouring of people signing up for this program,” Christie added. “This is another one of those narrow group-think policies put forward by the Legislature and I’m not going to continue to expand it. Because what they want is legalization. They’re not getting legalization under this governor.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    well boot him out next election

  2. Anonymous on

    The article conveys Christie’s [narrow] position clearly.

    The comments that follow don’t provide an alternative argument besides “He sucks.”

    The comments didn’t provide any enlightenment to me. Anyone have anything significant to say?

  3. Mike on

    He obviously needs to stop being such an ignorant prick and should do some research before he talks. People should rethink about who they vote for over their in N.J.

  4. Paulpot on

    What a fat, selfish pig!

  5. Anonymous on

    Why would anyone vote for this man? Fujoin