Denver Council to Make Final Vote On Ban of Pot Smoking in Public View

Denver is poised to become the world’s unofficial marijuana capital when legal sales of pot begin Jan. 1, but don’t expect to see it smoked on front yards, porches or balconies if the City Council has its way.

The Denver City Council on Monday is expected to take its final votes to approve a measure banning pot smoking on private property if the activity is visible from the street or sidewalk.

In a 7-5 vote last week, the council gave initial approval to an amendment to ban pot from front yards. Voting in favor were Jeanne Robb, Judy Montero, Jeanne Faatz, Debbie Ortega, Chris Herndon, Peggy Lehmann and Albus Brooks.

The vote came after an hour of public testimony and another 90 minutes of discussion among council members.

Pot advocates who oppose the measure say the idea of banning pot smoking on front yards is not in the spirit of Amendment 64 passed by voters in November 2012. They say it would perpetuate the stigma of marijuana and bring unwanted police scrutiny.

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