Veteran RCMP Officer Stripped of His Uniform

A veteran RCMP officer was stripped of his uniform and chastised by the federal justice minister Thursday after he was filmed smoking medical marijuana in what he said was a bid to to raise awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the RCMP.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay condemned New Brunswick Cpl. Ron Francis, saying the display “sets a poor example for Canadians.”

“My observation is the same as for politicians, police: they fall in a similar category in the sense that it sets a very poor example to flout the law,” he said.

Cpl. Francis has not been accused of breaking the law; he smoked a legally prescribed joint in front of a video camera while wearing red serge.

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  1. Dave on

    Not sure if I should compare the RC’s to the catholic church or biker clubs. I’m told bikers go through similar rituals when confiscating colours.

  2. Low Rider on

    There is something fishy going on with this story. Why was Francis protesting in the first place. Maybe he was reaching out for help.