Mountie Says He Has ‘Legal Right’ To Smoke Medical Marijuana In Uniform

A New Brunswick RCMP officer says he has a “legal right” to smoke medically-prescribed marijuana while in uniform, despite objections from his employer.

Cpl. Ronald Francis, who has been on the force for more than 20 years, was recently prescribed medical marijuana to help treat his post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

He told CTV Atlantic that marijuana calms him down and allows him to focus on his job. Because of his PTSD, Francis has been placed on administrative duties and no longer carries a weapon.

RCMP Cpl. Ronald Francis says he has the legal right to smoke medical marijuana while in uniform.

But Francis said the RMCP does not want him to smoke the drug while in uniform.

“I have the legal right…and have the legal right to be in uniform because I represent members through the DSSR (Division Staff Relations Representative) program,” he said.

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