Medical Marijuana Use Without Safety Proof Worries Doctors

The Canadian Medical Association is worried that as large medical marijuana grow facilities get federal licences, more patients will be clamouring for a drug many doctors are uncomfortable prescribing.

Starting April 1, medical marijuana users in Canada will no longer be able to grow their own. Instead, they’ll have to get pot from producers licensed by Health Canada.

When the change was announced in June, Health Canada said the number of people authorized to use marijuana for medical reasons grew from less than 500 in 2001 to more than 30,000. The department will no longer be a supplier, and it says the change will provide access to quality-controlled marijuana for medical purposes that is produced under secure and sanitary conditions.

Mark Gobuty, CEO of Peace Naturals in Clearview Township, south of Collingwood, Ont., is proud of his medical cannabis facility, where some plants are half way through their flowering cycle. The products will be dried out and then sold to clients.

“There’s still a lot of giggle factor,” Gobuty acknowledged.

He said doctors can sign a letter for patients to get a small amount of marijuana and then get feedback from the patient and the company.

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  1. dr zeuss on

    you giggle away while your peers are getting thrown in prison for growing the same simple plant as you…

  2. Av Green on

    Canada is like a lobster, moving backwards on the marijuana policy, instead of forward.

  3. Low Rider on

    Can doctor’s refuse to get properly educated on the medicinal values of the herb cannabis.