Medical Marijuana Patients to Sue Health Canada

Thousands of Canadians across the country are planning a class action lawsuit against Health Canada after they were outed as medical marijuana users in a mass mail out last week.

Cannabis in Canada Society Founder and Director Jason Wilcox told Metro that at least one person has lost his job over the gaffe and thousands more fear their gardens may be targeted and their houses robbed.

The fear is the result of Health Canada sending out 40,000 documents to patients in a white envelope with the words “Medical Marijuana Access Program” written across the top, followed by the patient’s name and address.

Wilcox and Scott McCluskey are the named plaintiffs in the case and will represent up to 40,000 Canadians who have been affected.

“We want the government to see the potential fallout,” said Wilcox, adding that he worries for patients who live in small towns, especially those who reside in a “right-wing, conservative town, that is anti-marijuana.”

“If you’re in a small town, you are more exposed. If it goes into the neighbour’s mailbox, which often happens with Health Canada, you’re exposed. And everybody that’s in a small town talks.”

– Read the entire article at Metro News.



  1. mike on

    I recieved one of the letters also who do I get in contact with in Edmonton Alberta?? Can someone please let me know regarding class action law suit???

  2. Anonymous on

    needs some more corporate logos on his clothing.

  3. Anonymous on

    MUCH respect for Jayson, been following him for a while. Im so glad there are people like him fighting for all of us.

  4. Anonymous on

    Hey Jason what happened with the suit John Conroy was doing against the MMPR haven’t heard much about that lately