Medical Marijuana Users Outed In Health Canada Privacy Gaffe

Medical marjuana users are accusing the federal government of violating their privacy and jeopardizing their safety after Health Canada sent out letters in envelopes that outed them as medical marijuana users.

Health Canada sent the letters to approximately 40,000 people across the country to inform them of changes to the Marijuana Medical Access Program beginning April 1.

Debbie Stultz-Giffin, who has a licence to grow marijuana in Nova Scotia, said any previous correspondence about the program came in plain brown envelopes and was sent by registered mail.

The most recent letter, she said, was delivered in an envelope that referred explicitly to the Medical Marijuana Access Program and included her name and address on the envelope.

“I was instantly shocked and appalled to see the words ‘medical marijuana’ and ‘Health Canada’ exposed for everyone to see,” Stultz-Giffin told CBC News on Thursday.

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