Medical Marijuana Sought for Children With Seizures

A Canadian family has moved to Colorado to get a medical marijuana extract not available in Canada that the parents say has greatly helped their 13-month-old daughter who has a rare and serious seizure condition.

Barry Pogson told CBC Radio’s The Current on Tuesday that his daughter Kaitlyn was having seizures that lasted four or five hours. In one case, she stopped breathing and had to be intubated.

The family was concerned because when seizures last more than five minutes, there can be irreparable brain damage.

“We were just getting longer and longer seizures so we kind of made the decision that it’s just not going to come to Canada soon enough for us and there’s no sense waiting and we just went,” Pogson said.

A week after starting treatment with a medical marijuana extract called cannibidiol that is only available in Colorado, Kaitlyn was more alert, slept better and hasn’t had to return to emergency for seizures, he said.

The strain of marijuana was named “Charlotte’s Web” in honour of a girl who had dozens of violent seizures daily from the same life-threatening form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. The strain is engineered to be exceptionally low in THC, the compound that produces a “high.”

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