Still Trippin’ The Trans-Canada Highway

We welcome you along on our continuing trip to discover the answers – as we ask Canadians from all walks of life this most mystifying of questions – and explore the reasons why so many are getting involved with providing the answers.

You’ll enjoy the scenic beauty of our great and vast country, as well as the energy and unique passion of it’s people, while gaining insights into this complex societal conundrum.

Our trip found us experiencing Canada through all of its seasons, and through the required planes, trains and automobiles. From the province of that famous “bud” to Halifax harbor and so many joints in between – including Saskatchewan, the home of some of the best farmers in the world, where they are flexing their muscles in a bid to be the best medical cannabis growers in the world.

Hear what the experts have to say, from cops and judges to activists advocates and medical cannabis consumers, and also the opinions of everyday Canadians on the streets. View the produce of some of the country’s best gardeners and farmers, and join tens of thousands of protesters and marijuana-lovers as they stand up against oppression and celebrate a wonderful plant.

There’s something big going on here and our aim is to get to the bottom of it.

We hear the views of criminal justice professionals and gang experts, and we take you into the doctors office to see what it takes to get legal.

We spend a day with Jodie Emery, the wife of Marc, the Prince of Pot, and watch as she pours her soul into running the Cannabis Culture Hempire while Marc sits in a cage in a U.S. gulag for selling seeds and ideas of freedom.

We also explore the dark side to see who’s on the take.

Hang on to your hearts as we glimpse into the trials and tribulations of some of Canada’s seriously ill, their day-to-day struggles, and how they feel about marijuana laws.

With the buzz surrounding this issue, we’re Still Trippin the Trans-Canada Highway to satisfy the craving, to answer the burning question: Why is cannabis still illegal?

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