Colorado Voters Approve 25 Percent Taxes on Recreational Marijuana

A Colorado measure to impose sales and excise taxes of 25 percent on newly legalized recreational marijuana and earmark the first $40 million in revenue for public schools was approved by voters on Tuesday, Governor John Hickenlooper said.

The move showed a willingness on the part of Colorado voters to tax marijuana for the public benefit even as they roundly defeated a broader tax measure that would have increased state income taxes to raise $1 billion for schools.

Colorado and Washington last year became the first U.S. states to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. But Colorado, whose constitution requires a statewide vote to approve tax increases, left it to voters to decide how to tax the newly legal drug.

“We are grateful voters approved funding that will allow for a strong regulatory environment, just like liquor is regulated,” Hickenlooper said as returns showed 65 percent of voters in favor of the tax and 35 percent against with about a quarter of votes counted.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Not as violent as the war on the drugs and prohibition. Regulate it and tax it, that’s a good way to start getting the wheels rolling towards legalization!!

  2. DownUnder on

    The ‘Bourbon Revolution’ at the start of the U.S. independence movement was violence too!

    (if you didn’t know; it was the locals getting pissed off at the English taxing them)

  3. Anonymous on

    taxation is violence