New Hampshire Marijuana Law Defeated Even Though Most People Wanted to Legalize

Proponents of ending marijuana prohibition in the state of New Hampshire hoped to become the third state in the country, after Colorado and Washington, to legalize consumption of marijuana for adults over 21. Unfortunately, House Bill 492, which would have done exactly that, was defeated by a close vote in the New Hampshire House of Representatives Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. Both Republicans and Democrats sponsored the bill.

HB492 was modeled on the legislation that passed in Colorado and would have allowed individuals to cultivate up to six plants for personal use and would have set up a system for taxing and regulating the cultivation, production and sale of marijuana, including licensed and regulated marijuana retail stores.

Once again the people are ahead of the politicians. According to a new WMUR Granite State Poll released October 25 by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, 60% of New Hampshire adults support HB492. Just 36% said they are opposed. These numbers are consistent with a national Gallup poll that found a record breaking 58% of Americans support making marijuana legal, with only 39% opposed. Support for legalization has increased 10 percentage points since last November when Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana.

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