Will Ireland Be the Next Country to Legalize Pot?

Apparently Ireland may have another lucky leaf.

This week, member of the Irish Parliament, Luke Ming Flanagan told the Irish Times about his introduction of a bill to legalize cannabis throughout the country.

The proposal would allow possession of up to an ounce of marijuana, and would allow up to six plants to be grown at home. However, children would be prohibited from being anywhere near the plant, which also includes being in a home with plants growing.

The setup would be something similar to what’s happening in the Netherlands, with cafes and clubs people can frequent as well.

Flanagan has been an unapologetic advocate for legalizing marijuana for quite some time now, and according to cannabis news site Smell the Truth, has been to jail a few times for possession himself, one of the times for mailing over 200 joints to the Irish Parliament. However he told The Journal earlier this year that while he no longer uses marijuana in Ireland he still tokes up legally in Amsterdam.

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