Mothers in Pennsylvania Unite and Fight for Medical Cannabis

I never would have imagined this moment, but I can say with pride, with dignity, and without reservation that I am a mother fighting to get marijuana for my six-year-old daughter, Lorelei. This is no easy prospect because we don’t live anywhere near a place where real medicinal cannabis is legal: We live in Pennsylvania.

Every day can offer a new challenge for our family, but that also puts things into perspective. After a five year courtship, I married my high school sweetheart in 2004. In July of 2007, we had our first of three children. I had a career as a veterinary technician and a close-knit group of friends. Looking back now, life was busy but blissful and peaceful. We had no idea how things would change so drastically.

When Lorelei was just 22-months old, she began having these “staring spells”. They lasted just a few seconds and she quickly recovered, but as a mother there was no denying that something was wrong. So many people told me to give it some time, that she wasn’t quite two yet and that she was probably just daydreaming. I was not convinced. Even her pediatrician told me not to worry just yet and that we would explore the issue further at her two-year check up.

Reluctantly, we waited. By the time her check up came around, I had seen so many of the “staring” events that I was sure they must be some kind of seizure. Her pediatrician referred us to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). On October 27, 2009, at 27 months old and just three days after the birth of her baby sister, Lorelei was given her original diagnosis, “childhood absence epilepsy“.

As far as epilepsy is concerned, this was a good diagnosis to have; in fact, we felt relieved. Children with this diagnosis are generally easily treated with their first or second medication, and most will outgrow this condition during puberty.

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    for their report on 58% of Americans support legalization. Pennsylvania sucks elephant balls!