The Pot Vending Machine’s First Foreign Market? Canada, of Course, ‘A Seed For the Rest of the World’

The marijuana vending machine is coming to Canada, says a U.S. company that developed the world’s first automatic pot dispenser under a co-founder who was recently convicted of unrelated fraud charges.

Medbox Inc. said it has partnered with a Canadian firm licensed under new Health Canada medical-marijuana rules, partly with the goal of introducing its dispensing equipment here.

The devices, which automatically fill cannabis orders and spit out a vial with the requested product, are actually designed to add security to the legally sensitive process, said Medbox executives Wednesday. They have a vault-like, armoured structure, a fingerprint-identification feature and software that permanently records transactions.

Restrictions under the new Health Canada regulations mean the machines will for now be operated only by licensed marijuana producers, whose employees will input the patient information and identification, then ship the cannabis to clients.

It is likely, though, that rules will eventually change and allow direct customer access to the machines, said Bruce Bedrick, Medbox’s CEO.

In the meantime, entering the Canadian market represents the fledgling company’s biggest venture yet, and in a key environment, he said.

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