Justin Trudeau Says Stephen Harper is Wrong on Medical Marijuana, Offers Alternatives

Justin Trudeau is unimpressed with the Harper government’s approach to medical marijuana.

During an appearance at the University of Manitoba on Wednesday (October 9), he told the assembled crowd that he would like to see medical marijuana patients retain the ability to grow their own pot.

“The current approach is not working,” the federal Liberal leader told the group after being asked what his stance was on medical marijuana and the rights of patients to grow their own supply.

Under the outgoing Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR), a person must apply for a permit to possess marijuana. If approved, they then have the options of either producing their own product or purchasing it from a licensed grower or Health Canada. But as of April 1, 2014, the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) will come into effect, and patients will only be able to obtain medical marijuana from licensed producers.

The federal government claims the MMPR will “provide access to quality-controlled marihuana for medical purposes, produced under secure and sanitary conditions”. However, as it eliminates the ability for medical marijuana patients to grow their own pot, activist fear many people will no longer have access to specialized strains they have relied on. As well, dispensaries and many compassion clubs will have to close under the new rules, and there are fears the new system will increase prices.

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  1. Twangster on

    Trudeau has my vote!

  2. Low Rider on

    Look at the alternatives to Justin.
    Thanks but no thanks. The idiot being?

  3. Anonymous on

    you’re the idiot pal.

  4. Low Rider on

    People change, sometimes for the better. Trudeau was sucked in back then. He’s now older and wiser.

  5. BrianKerr on

    This piece of filth stood up in the house of commons and voted with a smile on his face, voted with the conservative government to put me in jail for growing 1 cannabis plant.
    He is an imoral scumball.

  6. Low Rider on

    Users have been lied to and seen every cheap trick in the book over the last 100 years. Trudeau and his open minded thinking are definitely a breath of fresh air.

  7. dr zeuss on

    home growing for individuals and not all talk about big business, I enjoy this guys honesty!

  8. bb54 on

    I think that people dissatisfied with the current conservative policies and those wishing changes should really stand behind Justin Trudeau progressive comments at U of Manitoba.I think he has a more humane approach to dealing with marijuana and I applaud that.