Planned Nevada Medical Marijuana Program Called Discriminatory

Proposed rules for Nevada’s new medical marijuana program would discriminate against the poor and minorities, and would make marijuana cost-prohibitive for patients who need the drug, witnesses testified Tuesday.

“This is an absolute injustice,” said David Udy of Las Vegas during a Division of Public and Behavioral Health hearing on proposed regulations that put a new state law into effect. “This is going to be a disaster. This is an absolute injustice. I am skeptical about (the state’s) ability to pull this off.”

Udy and other witnesses complained that only rich people will be able to secure grow and dispensary licenses for medical marijuana because of a rule that requires people to have access to at least $250,000 before they receive a license.

“There are a lot of people who would like to get in this game,” said Art Cardoza, who identified himself as a caretaker who provides the drug to veterans, the disabled and others. “Millionaire people don’t care about them.”

Marla McDade-Williams, deputy administrator of the division, listened quietly to dozens of witnesses but said there is little she can do about the financial requirements “because of limitations in the bill.” Senate Bill 374 requires people contemplating securing medical marijuana cultivation and dispensary licenses to have at least $250,000 at their disposal.

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  1. MMAR on

    In USA is a travesty…. in Canada is business as usual…

  2. Grey Dread on

    Free bud in Nevada?