Eastern Ontario Marijuana Growers on High Alert for Flying Fan-man

Marijuana growers in Eastern Ontario are keeping their eyes peeled this month for a legendary figure who roams the skies every harvest season: the Fan-man.

“The Fan-man is a guy that goes searching in cornfields for marijuana plants,” says a rural property owner, who asked for anonymity for fear of retribution from members of the drug trade.

With a paraglider powered by a fan-like propeller strapped to his back, the Fan-man soars above area cornfields, using a GPS to pin-point places where illegal marijuana grows, he says.

“What he’d do is literally fly real low, looking for these plants. He’s been seen around the area by a lot of people — and there’s most likely more than one.”

The Fan-man is believed to sell GPS co-ordinates of illegal weed to criminals, who then camouflage and arm themselves at night to steal the plants. They’re known in criminal circles as “pot pirates.”

A spokesman for the Ottawa police service says the drug section is not aware of the Fan-man.

– Read the entire article at the Times-Colonist.



  1. BlueMagic on

    Im going to take up a kite flying hobby. I really hope nothing gets in the propellers.

  2. bhonze on

    Hey, isn’t he flying just low enough to string a cable across the field, yeah that would do it!

  3. bhonze on

    Let loose a flock of pigeons when he flies over; Oops one went in the fan! well that’s that!!!

  4. Anonymous on

    Pot Pirates? I think the word your looking for is ripper…

  5. Anonymous on

    can we at least wish for a horrible crash, to bring an end to his devious flights?

  6. Anonymous on

    How about no, thats just what we need now, dont link cannabis to violence

  7. jackenauf on

    use your twelve gauge with double OO buck to bring him down. and use him for fertilizer for your plot