Sensible BC Launches Signature Drive With Campaign Canna-Bus

The Sensible BC marijuana decriminalization campaign will be outside of the Convention Centre (Canada Place and Thurlow) from 10:30-11am today to launch the new Sensible BC campaign bus.

“I’m excited to show off our new campaign bus,” Sensible BC Director Dana Larsen said. “We’ve nicknamed it the ‘Canna-Bus.’ It’s going to be a wonderful rolling promotion for our campaign, and act as a mobile sign-up station over the next 90 days.”

Larsen is still looking for more people to join the campaign and help collect signatures.

“We now have about 1700 people signed up to help get signatures so far, which is a very solid foundation,” Larsen said. “Plus people can still register to collect signatures over the coming weeks, so our ranks will continue to swell as we go along.”

Larsen needs to collect signatures from 10% of the registered voters in every one of BC’s 85 electoral districts in order for the campaign to succeed.

“We have local organizers and canvassers working all across BC,” Larsen said. “We’ve even opened an office in Victoria for our team on Vancouver Island.”

Sensible BC is working towards a provincial referendum on the Sensible Policing Act, legislation which would effectively decriminalize marijuana possession in BC, as the first step towards a legally regulated system.

“Our polls show over 70% support across BC for our proposed legislation,” Larsen said. “British Columbians overwhelmingly oppose police resources being wasted on pot smokers.”

Pot possession charges have doubled in BC between 2005 and 2010. BC taxpayers are paying over $10 million each year, just to detain and arrest people for possession of marijuana.

“It’s time BC adopted a sensible marijuana policy,” Larsen said. “The Sensible Policing Act is the right law for our province. This is an issue whose time has come, and the people of British Columbia are going to make it happen!”

To contact local organizers:

Dana Larsen: 604-812-4372; [email protected]

Victoria Office (Cam Birge) 622 Yates St.; 778-433-5869