Trudeau Liberals Surge Back into Healthy Lead in Polls After Leader’s Pot Admission

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau appears more likely to become prime minister after admitting to smoking marijuana while being a Member of Parliament, a new poll suggests, as more Canadians say they are supportive of relaxing drug laws.

The Liberals have surged to 38% support from voters in the latest Forum Poll for the National Post, while the Conservatives have slipped to 29% and the NDP trail at 22%. The poll was conducted one day after Trudeau’s pot admission shook up Canada’s sleepy summer recess.

“After a brief dip last month, the Liberals have rebounded, and they now have a substantial lead over the government in the poll. It may be that Liberal policies around marijuana have had something to do with this, but it’s clear Justin Trudeau’s admission of pot use did him no harm,” Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff said in a statement.

Trudeau’s admission largely overshadowed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s annual northern summer photo-op. This year’s trip came amid a different temperature in Ottawa, with the Senate spending scandal continuing to put Opposition heat on the ruling Conservatives.

The prime minister announced on his trip that he would prorogue Parliament, meaning the House won’t be sitting until at least October. The move kills a number of bills in the House, but Harper says his government has fulfilled its election promises and needs to reset its priorities for Parliament.

– Read the entire article at The National Post.



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