New Poll Finds Two-Thirds of Canadians Support Decriminalization or Legalization of Marijuana

A new poll conducted by Forum Research indicates that over two-thirds of Canadians support the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana.

The poll, which surveyed 1,189 people across Canada, found that 69 percent of respondents want marijuana legalized and taxed or want to see the possession of small amounts decriminalized.

Unsurprisingly, British Columbians are the most in favour of such measures, with 46 percent favouring full legalization and 30 percent supporting decriminalization.

Federal Liberals supporters were the most in favour of legalization/decriminalization (76 percent), while 72 percent of New Democrats and 61 percent of Conservatives also supported pro-pot measures.

The survey also asked respondents whether Justin Trudeau’s recent admission that he had smoked pot while an MP would affect their vote; only 21 percent of Canadians said they would be less likely to vote for the Liberals in light of his toking. Fourteen percent of respondents said it would make them more likely to vote Liberal in the next election, while 63 percent said the admission would have no effect on their vote.

On September 9, Sensible B.C. will begin collecting signatures in support of a referendum to decriminalize marijuana possession in this province.

– Originally published by The Georgia Straight. Used with permission.