Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program OK’d, Paving Way To License Growers and Dispensaries

Sen. Len Fasano, R-North Haven, and Rep. Vince Candelora, R-North Branford, were among those on the committee who voted against the regulations. Both argued that because the state’s regulations are so detailed, it increases the risk that federal officials could prosecute those involved in the medical marijuana program, including state employees.

It’s one thing for a state not to prosecute certain illegal activities, Fasano said, but when it regulates it, the state becomes an active participant in that illegal activity. He said the state was almost inviting the federal government to prosecute, comparing it to “standing there with the cape in front of a bull.”

“We’re going far beyond what any other state has done,” Fasano said. “These are the most intense, in-your-face regulations you’ve ever seen — ‘Come get us.'”

Rubenstein said after the hearing that he believes the thoroughness of the regulations will stave off federal scrutiny.

“We have always been of the belief that the more assurance that we have that marijuana would be limited to its medical use and not subject to theft and diversion, that there’s less possibility of our program conflicting with federal law,” Rubenstein said.

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