Federal Drug Agency Denies Marijuana Is Less Toxic Than Alcohol

The National Institute on Drug Abuse released an eyebrow-raising statement to PolitiFact on Monday, denying that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol.

“Claiming that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol cannot be substantiated since each possess their own unique set of risks and consequences for a given individual,” wrote the institute. NIDA, part of the National Institutes of Health, funds government-backed scientific research and has a stated mission “to lead the nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.”

The statement was in response to a declaration by the pro-pot policy group Marijuana Policy Project that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol –- a claim that was the centerpiece of a controversial pro-marijuana commercial aired during a NASCAR race last month.

PolitiFact took the claim to task, comparing marijuana-related deaths to alcohol-related deaths and toxicity levels of the two substances.

As noted by PolitiFact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics reported 41,682 alcohol-related deaths in 2010. The center had no reports listing marijuana as a cause of death.

– Read the entire article at The Huffington Post.



  1. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    U.S. government credibility on marijuana,like for Vietnam, testing drugs on servicemen, conducting STD tests on black men, NSA, IRS scandal and so on

  2. Anonymous on

    Cognitive dissonance is the term used to describe a complete disconnect from reality. 40,000 + deaths from alcohol, compared to zero for cannabis.

    Cannabis is one of the few drugs that make people who don’t use it crazy.