Justice Department to Kill Harsh Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Non-Violent Drug Offenders

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced major criminal justice reforms in a speech Monday aimed at curbing the use of mandatory minimum sentences for low-level drug offenders.

In a speech to the American Bar Association in San Francisco Monday, Holder said that non-violent drug offenders with no ties to gangs or large-scale drug operations will no longer be sentenced with offences that impose mandatory minimums. Those types of sentences have imposed harsh punishments for many low-level drug users and have forced judges to comply with the guidelines–even when the judges disagree with those sentences. Now, mandatory minimum sentences will only be used on high-level and violent drug traffickers.

The plan is part of a new Justice Department policy Holder is spearheading. In addition to the changes on mandatory minimum sentences, the Justice Department’s changes on drug policy include reducing sentences for elderly, nonviolent prisoners and seeking out alternatives to prison for nonviolent people convicted of committing crimes.

“A vicious cycle of poverty, criminality and incarceration traps too many Americans and weakens too many communities,” Holder said in his speech Monday, according to speech excerpts published to the Washington Post. “However, many aspects of our criminal justice system may actually exacerbate this problem rather than alleviate it.” He also outlined the policy changes by saying that “certain low-level, nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to large-scale organizations, gangs, or cartels will no longer be charged with offenses that impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences. They now will be charged with offenses for which the accompanying sentences are better suited to their individual conduct, rather than excessive prison terms more appropriate for violent criminals or drug kingpins.”

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  1. Low Rider on

    The world faces more serious issues than the prolonged war on cannabis.
    It is very selfish to continue this madness when the majority of people know the facts. 70+ years later. m.j. is mainstream and a mainstay in the 21st century.

  2. gutrod on

    Does that mean that they will be opening the prison doors for thousands already cruelly convicted. Sounds like pre election propaganda.

  3. gutrod on

    Big business interests come way above the interests of the average American citizen. Same in Canada. It is no secret who runs either country.

  4. gutrod on

    I would love to meet that dough boy Harper in the Octagon for about 60 seconds. The bully would find out what it is like to be submitted or K.O.’d.
    Justin Trudeau will K.O. him inside the ring of Canadian politics.

  5. gutrod on

    Holder and company have now stepped into the 1970’s but still have a very long way to go to meet the realities of the 21st century.

  6. Anonymous on

    Sounds like a complete 360 over Harpoon’s archaic agenda of jail for joints mentality…..I used to be proud to be Canadian 🙁

  7. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    I’ll believe it when the raids stop, the cases they already have are dropped. Until then it’s just political rhetoric from a do-nothing Administration.

  8. Anonymous on

    How mighty generous of them.