Help Bring Imprisoned Marijuana Activist Marc Emery Home To Canada

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Emery needs your help. The Canadian marijuana advocate, currently serving a five-year prison sentence in the US after being arrested for his political activism, has been approved by the US federal government for a transfer to serve the rest of his time in Canada.

Please help us convince the Canadian Public Safety Minister to approve the transfer and bring Marc home!

“On July 7th, the United States Department of Justice approved my transfer application,” Marc writes in his latest blog on Cannabis Culture. “Now Canada’s Minister of Public Safety has 90 days – until October 6th – to accept or reject my application.

“Despite the diminished value of returning to Canada under the 1977 bi-lateral International Transfer of Offenders Act treaty transfer, I still want to urge you to politely call the Minister’s office and constituency office, and your local MP (you can find your Member of Parliament here), and urge a swift approval to my transfer application.”

Please contact the Public Safety Minister’s office

Telephone: (613) 944-48751-800-830-3118

Letters: (postage not required within Canada)
Minister of Public Safety
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

“Marc’s supporters can help bring him home to Canada by calling or mailing the Public Safety Minister and their local Member of Parliament,” Marc’s wife Jodie Emery told Cannabis Culture. “Please send letters and make phone calls politely asking for my husband to be transferred home.”

If approved for transfer by the Canadian government, Marc could be released as early as May 10, 2014 or as late as June 10, 2014. A transfer would also mean Marc would have parole in Canada lasting as late as August 25, 2014.

If not transferred, Marc’s US release date could be as late as October 7, 2014. Find out all the calculations in Marc’s latest CC blog.

Visit the Bring Marc Home page on for more information.

Photo by Miranda Nelson.



  1. archive on

    If you want a girl, folklore says the woman needs ….

  2. Anonymous on

    little stevie happer promised G.W. bush that he would keep mark till the bitter end,sry kids hes not coming home till he served ALL of hes time…brought to you the conseritive party

  3. Thisis Insane on

    Easy for you to say out here.

  4. Thisis Insane on

    Free from the craphole he is stuck in, freed or released back to Canada, the Department of Justice here in the States is full of hot air. They have thrown us ALL a cookie and made some great sounding rhetorical statements which mean very little, if anything, to the federal prison system. He is in there, and it may be a huge letdown. Lawyers have all kinds of things they do to delay, hinder, slow or block, anything they are told/paid to, and are very good at the practice of sophism. I truly hope he makes it home, the sooner the better, for him and his family. As a former victim of the drug war, I hope this half a century long charade is over, as soon as POSSIBLE.

  5. metalmarijuanaman on

    Hey maybe that political hot shot wannabe Justin Trudeau was worth a hill of beans, perhaps he could weigh in on this.But, unfortunately I believe he’s just another in a long list of phonies.

  6. dr. zeuss on

    shame on Canada for extraditing marc to the usa in the first place. I wasn’t aware that we sent our own Canadian citizens to other countries. some political leaders we have!

  7. Low Rider on

    Harper has been laughing it up for 3 1/2 years at Marc and Jodie’s expense.
    Human rights are not on the agenda of our government.

  8. gutrod on

    Marc should ride out his sentence in America. He will be a free man soon enough. Peace Bro!

  9. Anonymous on

    but rather just freed?

  10. DM Stowell on

    What a shame how we are being prosecuted and sent to jail for a plant…miracle plant at that! My heart hurts for Marc and his family, friends, and humankind that’s letting corruption and greed control us all.

  11. Paul Pot on

    Marc Emery is a political prisoner and a victim of crimes against humanity.
    Prosecute the perpetrators!

  12. Anonymous on

    He is a non-violent offender.

  13. Ana on

    Well hopefully he will be freed soon. The justice deparment is going to announce changes to the jail sentencing of drug offenders. I am hoping that this helps Mark finally be freed.

  14. james grooms on

    i think marc should be freed period he has done nothing wrong the united states is wrong for kidnapping him he should be freed not transferred i hope i am making myself clear he is not a criminal FREE HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!